Types of Insurance

                                                                  Motor Insurance
Fully comprehensive: More expensive, covers all parties,
1st party = You and your car,      
2nd party = Your passengers,
3rd party = anybody else

Third party fire and theft:
A cheaper form, this does not cover yourself only if your car is stolen or destroyed by fire.

                                                     Home Insurance

Home insurance: 
This covers the actual building. Home Insurance is usually made up of "home" AND separately the "contents" of the house.

Assurance: this is protection against something that will definitely happen eg. Death

This is where you pay money for a set amount of time e.g.10 years, after which you receive a lump sum payment. It's a cross between saving and investing.

Whole life insurance: 
This is when you pay money into your policy for your whole life and upon your death your next-of-kin receive a lump sum amount.

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