How to use an ATM

The Automatic Teller Machine

This video shows you how to use an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM). ATM's provide people with a convenient way to withdraw their cash from their bank account at a time suitable to them. The best thing about an ATM is that bank customers can take their money out even when the bank is closed. Another great benefit of ATM's is that people can withdraw money from many ATM's around the world. This has led to a much reduced use of Travellers Cheques.

Bank Reconciliation Statement

By the time your bank statement arrives in the post, it is most likely already out of date. Likewise, your own record of what your bank account is often incorrect because you may not have been aware of some payments such as bank fee's or lodgements such as direct debit refunds.
This is why preparing a bank reconciliation statement is important and relevant. Preparing a bank reconciliation statement allows you to see the most up-to-date balance of your bank account.

Bank Reconciliation Statement

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